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ipnat and IPv6

Elmar Knipp

ipnat and IPv6

I have successfully configured the redirection of a port from a privileged to an unprivileged port. The background is that I want to run a Tomcat without root access. Here is my rule:


   rdr lan1 port 80 -> port 40442


Now I have to configure a similar rule for dual stack with IPv6. The rule


   rdr lan1 2a01:1:2:3::2c/128 port 80 -> 2a01:1:2:3::2c port 40442


only results in a syntax error. I could not find any hint in the manuals.

Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: ipnat and IPv6

HP-UX IPFilter V18.0 Administrator Guide
HP-UX 11i v3


6 Configuring and loading NAT rules
6.1 NAT rules configuration file
IPFilter loads and evaluates NAT rules separately from filter rules. Do not configure NAT rules in
the same file with filter rules. The default name for the HP-UX IPFilter NAT rules file is /etc/opt/
ipf/ipnat.conf. To specify an alternate NAT rules file name, set the IPNAT_CONF parameter
in the IPFilter startup file, /etc/rc.config.d/ipfconf.
To load NAT rules, use the ipnat utility. For more information, see Section 6.6 (page 48). See
also, Section 3.9 (page 30).
NOTE: NAT rules are not supported with IPv6 addresses or interfaces.


May be an other solution would be to use FineGrainedPriviledge PRIV_NETPRIVPORT