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locked account

locked account

I have a windows 2000 environment with 3 DC. Problem: When the users have to change password, the users account gets locked out every 30 minutes when he or she tries to access a share or Outlook.(I have too unlock it from AD) I have had the users put in the new password directly in AD using reset password. But same result.


Decroos Marc
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Re: locked account

We had a lot of such issues a time ago and we do not know what solved the problem. Cause was the fact that we have a mixed AD W2K and NT4.0 domain. It still occurs now and then.
On the other hand we have users being locked out after a recent password change because of shares and/or session still being active on some servers.
Using event viewer on the AD domain controller I look for event 644 in the category "account management" the machine mentioned there gives almost always a good clue of the reason ....
good luck,