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manage hp2524m switch network

antonio di paolo
Occasional Advisor

manage hp2524m switch network

My network is based on 4 switches 2524m star connected whith optic fiber. I would see the map of my network to see, for every switch, the mac address and the ip address of the
node(s) associated to every port.
Is it possible? if yes, how can i?
carpe diem
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: manage hp2524m switch network

Get Procurve Manager from HP. It is free and should do what you want. You will need to allow SNMPv2 with Community String public and you need to have the management IP address in VLAN1 if you use VLANs. ALso make sure you have the PC where Procurve runs listed in the Security section if you use Security.