Re: mii-tool - operation not permitted

Steve Lewis
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mii-tool - operation not permitted

Under Mandrake 9.X I could type mii-tool eth0 and it would give me the speed and duplex for my network card, which uses the eepro100 driver. lsmod also indicates that I also have the mii driver which is used by eepro100.

Now I have upgraded to Mandrake 10.0 this command gives the following error:
SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported

Any ideas how to fix this?

Sergejs Svitnevs
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Re: mii-tool - operation not permitted

Have You tried "ethtool" command? "mii-tool" uses an older ioctl interface.

Chris Saunderson
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Re: mii-tool - operation not permitted

Is the error reported that one, or is there a "No MII data available" error message also given?

What exact card is installed?
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