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nfs4cbd listener port number?


nfs4cbd listener port number?



What is port number of nfs4cbd daemon?

I cannot find port number via lsof -i.

According to man nfs4cbd,
"nfs4cbd runs on the NFS Version 4 client
and creates a listener port for each transport over which callbacks
can be sent."

Listener port should be showed.

and how to send a callback? I'd like to test the callback.

Viktor Balogh
Honored Contributor

Re: nfs4cbd listener port number?

NFS is going over RPC (remote procedure call)

# rpcinfo -p
Unix operates with beer.

Re: nfs4cbd listener port number?

No nfs4cbd in output of "rpcinfo -p"
Dave Olker

Re: nfs4cbd listener port number?

NFS v4 typically uses a callback connection for things like file locking and delegation. Are you using either of these?

If you're able to lock files over NFS v4 then that's usually a good indication that the callback mechanism is working. If you request a delegation and are granted one by the server, that's a good indication the callback mechanism is working. You may only be able to tell the later via a network trace.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you're using NFS v4 over v3? I'm interested in learning which v4 features customers use that aren't available in v3.