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not able to ping vlan gateway

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not able to ping vlan gateway

Hi ,


I have HP 11.31 server on which i had installed ivm machine.

it'sname is host1 . I had vswitch0 to this server for port 4 and tagged 253 to this .

and I had confgured ip to it

Problem is i am not able to ping my gateway.



host1                    4 HPUX    On (OS)        1     1     1    4 GB        -


vswitch config:


vswitch0      2 Up      Shared    lan900   0x002xyxxzzz 172.20.205.xx


hpvmnet -S vswitch0:

4       Active       lan      253      1            host1        none.


# netstat -nr
Routing tables
Destination           Gateway            Flags Refs Interface  Pmtu             UH    0    lo0       32808      UH    0    lan0      32808       UGH   0    lan0       1500      U     2    lan0       1500             U     0    lo0       32808

# netstat -ni
Name      Mtu  Network         Address         Ipkts              Ierrs Opkts              Oerrs Coll
lan0      1500   372                0     372                0     0
lo0      32808       291535             0     291535             0     0


Please help me.


Re: not able to ping vlan gateway



vswitch0      2 Up      Shared    lan900   0x002xyxxzzz 172.20.205.xx

 It looks the VM host has the address "172.20.205.xx".

I assume the VM host can go through the router, right ?


# netstat -ni
Name      Mtu  Network         Address         Ipkts              Ierrs Opkts              Oerrs Coll
lan0      1500   372                0     372                0     0

 concerns me. The subnet address looks different between the VM host/router and the VM guest.

VM guest's subnet looks to be 172.29.253. But the subnet of VMhost and the router looks different than this:

172.20.200 ??


Check out the subnet mask by using

On the VM guest:
# ifconfig lan0

On the VM host:
# ifconfig lan900

 And then, be sure to use the same subnet mask as the one VM host uses.