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problem looking for a server

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Mauro Gatti
Valued Contributor

problem looking for a server

I've a strange problem:
if I try to acces to a windows 2000 server from a NT client using \\nameserver I can't reach to opent it but if I do same operation from a windows 2000 pro client it's works fine.
However I have success if I ping the server from both clients type.
Could You help me?

Thank You

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Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: problem looking for a server

NETBIOS related.

Check the WINS settings on the NT client, to make sure that it is pointing to your WINS Server.

No WINS Server? make an entry for the W2K server locally on the NT box in the lmhosts file. (Remember that you have to rename it to lmhosts from lmhosts.sam)


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