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problem vlan

Jesus Fdez.
Valued Contributor

problem vlan


I have a bl870c with 4 NICs, 2 virtual connect and 2 switch procurce 5406.

The server have a HPUX11i v3. I have configured APA with the connection 2 and 3 --> lan900.

I assign an IP to lan900.
I have tried configuring the connection vlan 10 on the APA, but when I try to ping another IP does not work.
As a test I have created on another server, a machine WN and assigns you an IP of the vlan, after putting his card in the profile of the Virtual Connect, and working properly.

The commands are:
# nwmgr -a -S vlan -A vlanid=10, pri=7, ppa=900

What I have done wrong? I have to do more ?


Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: problem vlan


What does 'vlaninfo' report?

I've attached a sample for you to review.
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