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rlpdaemon, inetd.sec and inetd

john guardian
Super Advisor

rlpdaemon, inetd.sec and inetd

If rlpdaemon is started via inetd and the inetd.sec file has an entry like:

printer allow +

can any hosts spool a print job to this local machine?

Alternatively, if rlpdaemon is NOT started via inetd, but instead started via a runtime command script (in /etc/rc.N for example), if the hosts.equiv has


in the file (first line), does this also accomplish the same thing? And what about the file


Is there a scenario when you would use it instead of the hosts.equiv file?

Sorry for the lengthy question(s). Don't usually bother setting up printing at all on UX. This is likely a one time thing.

Thx in advance for any helpful answers/advice.