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routing table showing rubbish

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Trusted Contributor

routing table showing rubbish


HP-UX 11i v1 server has an issue in the routing table, routing is working fine but when you issue netstat -rn it is showing rubbish. please advice!

this might happened after applying patch kit bundle recommended by hp patch assessment web tool.


sample output attached:




Valued Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish

HI Kemo ,


                please paste lanscan , ifocnfig lan[ ] o/p , netstat -rvn o/p.



Trusted Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish


Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish

There was a problem while you installed the xport patch, and user level part of the patch doesn't match with kernel level one.

just check with

what /usr/bin/netstat

what /stand/vmunix |grep -e  ip.c -e ip_ire.c


one is probably showing 11.11 LR and the other PHNE_.. something.


usually in that state ndd -get /dev/ip ip_ire_status works well.

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Re: routing table showing rubbish

please check the attachment.


Trusted Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish

Note that ndd command works fine. but i need to get rid of that patch to have netstat working. please advice!

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish


swremove PHNE_.....

Post output. You may need to boot the system to remove this patch. Prepare a maintenance window.
Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: routing table showing rubbish

  netstat is from a patch after TOUR merge, ( optional stack)

when kernel side is with pre-TOUR merge.



It is probable that you had a problem while generating the kernel, you should

check swinstall.log/swagent.log to see any error and fix them ( for instance available space on /stand)


you should check what /usr/conf/lib/lib*net.a /usr/conf/lib/libuipc.a to see if library are installed

and kernel was not regened.

if it is the case you can try to regen the kernel with a mk_kernel; kmupdate; shutdown


if the library are well the one in the kernel then you need to recover to a safe&consistant patch level.

multiple possibility;

swremove PHNE_36125 or next


I think probably the best would be to install superceding patch for instance

PHNE_39386 & deps



PHNE_36125 had patch warning