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rx6600 data transfer rates

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rx6600 data transfer rates

I have inherited a few rx6600 using 11v3. My concern is I am seeing a 20-30MB/s transfer rate on an sftp (5GB @2 iso files) sustained on two servers configured pretty much the same. 8 active cores, 32GB ram, 4GB San. On one system it is a straight 1GB NIC on the other I have a 4NIC -4GB fat pipe. The source system is an Integrity running Oracle Linux with a 4GB 4nic bonded pipe.


I have no historical baselines on these systems. My question is "In general on a typical HPUX 11v3 install what kind of data through-put should be expected on systems described above? " My guess is 65MB/s minimum


In advance, thank you for your insight's and expertise in this matter.


I am new to his forum, learning the ropes.



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Patrick Wallek
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Re: rx6600 data transfer rates

You have to remember that you have quite a bit of overhead for encryption / decryption when copying via scp.  This will dramatically impact file transfer performance.  The encryption / decryption is a single-threaded process, so multiple CPUs will not help.  You will not get anywhere close to wire speed with SCP.


For pure file transfer performance a basic FTP is usually the fastest.


I ran a couple of tests --


I transferred a 2.3 GB filebetween 2 servers with FTP and SCP.  The FTP averaged about 12 MB/s and the SCP 8.7 MB/s.


I did the same transfer between 2 other servers, with both FTP and SCP.  With these the FTP averaged about 32.5 MB/s and the SCP averaged 17.3 MB/s.