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hi all

we currently utilize samba server on our hpux boxes, and pc users mount our shares. what exaclty is the difference between cifs and samba? i was wondering if i can use cifs also?

thx in advance
James R. Ferguson
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Re: samba/cifs

Hi :

Samba is the Unix port.


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Re: samba/cifs

Samba was derived from "server Messagng Block" protocol (aka smb). On HP-UX Servers, HP's own "Build" of the Samba suite is officially called "CIFS Server" since these days --- anything SMB/LanMan/etc is now collectively known as CIFS (COmmon Internet File System) protocol... So one can use CIFS and Samba and Windows Shares interchangeably I guess... but it is just me though so Caveat Emptor!

Now on HP-UX, there is also another product called "CIFS Client" that allows HP-UX to mount/connect with other CIFS Servers (regardless whether those CIFS Servers are Windows Servers or UNIX Servers running Samba or any CIFS Server Suite)... NOTE that it is NOT part of the SAMBA/CIFS Suite... it is a proprietary "CIFS" CLient from SHarity, Inc. and Admins should not miscontrure it as "Samba"
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