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sftp from UNIX to Windows ( Vshell )

sathis kumar
Frequent Advisor

sftp from UNIX to Windows ( Vshell )


We are currently facing some issues with sftp process from UNIX system to a Windows m/c ( having VShell installed).

Though we have the public key installed on Windows m/c under C:\Program Files(86)\VShell\PublicKey\, it is still asking for us to enter the password while issuing sftp from our UNIX m/c.

Could you please help me on this?

Richard Whalen
Honored Contributor

Re: sftp from UNIX to Windows ( Vshell )

This is VMS and we may not be able to come to an answer here as quickly as they would in Unix or Windows land.

One suggestion - is the key in the correct format? There are two formats - OpenSSH and RFC 4716
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: sftp from UNIX to Windows ( Vshell )

Yes, you are in the wrong forum, but the
usual advice in such a case is to use SSH
(which is a bit simpler) instead of SFTP for
testing, and to add "-v" to the SSH (or SFTP)
command, so you can see what's happening.
Also, most SSH/SFTP servers log errors in a
file somewhere, so (finding and) reading that
error log may tell you something, too.