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sharing files through dial up connection

Occasional Contributor

sharing files through dial up connection

we have winNT server based Intranet. There are some Ethernet users and some are connected through dial up modems. Client OS are win98/2000. How can the dial up users be shown in Network Neighbourhood so that they can also access the shared resources.

Network Administrator
John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: sharing files through dial up connection

Hopefully the dial-up users are using PPP.
If they are only using text based dialup, there is not a way to make this happen.

Being able to browse the network neighborhood takes a bit of time (10-20 minutes)for the machines to be included by the master browser.

Otherwise, they can just do the map network device from the file browser.
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Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: sharing files through dial up connection

If your Users are dialing in to a RAS server, then the RAS server can supply WINS information in addition to supplying an IP address.

Or... Within the PPP dialup shortcut, the WINS server IP address can be input within the WINS area of TCP/IP properties.

Either way will then "register" the system's NetBIOS name within the network and allow browsing both ways.

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Zafar A. Mohammed_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: sharing files through dial up connection


John solution was correct. If they are in Intranet then just map the drive. If at all you need to go ahed with dial-up then just follow the Finley method.