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When I try to share a folder I right click goto sharing and click the add
button to add the names of the user I want to be able to share my folder
with but get an error message

"You cannot view the list of users at this time. Please try again later"

This worked before and it work for other machine on the network but for some
reason no longer works now. Also no one the network can acces this machine
it can be seen in network neighbourhood but when you try connect to it you
get the error message

"There is No Logon Servers Available to Service this request"

This, machine can access everyone else on the network.
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Re: sharing

Go to Start/settings/Control Panel/networking or Start/settings/Network and Dialup.

Make sure you have File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks turned on.

Also make sure you do not have something like Zone Alarm blocking your connection to the network.

Are you logged onto the domain or just to your own PC?


Re: sharing

The machine is logging on to a domain. This has been setup and working fine for over a year and now has just stopped working. I have read that it could be something to do with the mapi32.dll file so I replaced the old one with one fron the win98 CD but that still didn't fix it.

Re: sharing


Are you sure never to change the network configuration before?
Have you tried to check your Windows system with the most up to date antivirus?


Re: sharing

The network setting have definetly not been changed and the anti virus is updated and a scan done on a weekly basis.
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Re: sharing


you??re using win98 within an NT -Domain
and nobody can connect to your workstation, right?

do the users exist on your machine or only on the PDC?
It seems that your pc cannot access the userlist of the pdc.
check the network settings on your machine and be sure that you logon at the domain and not at the local machine.

is file and print sharing activated?


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Re: sharing

This problem has seem to mysteriously fixed itself. I was going to re-install windows and the NIC driver again to see if that would fix it, so I went to the machine thsi morning and gave it one last try this morning it is fine. I will ask the user if they done any thing last night that might have changed it but that will have to wait till monday. thanx for the help
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Re: sharing

This could have been a number of things. If it occurs again, check you can get access to other network shares, eg. printers, server shares, mail accounts, anything that requires domain authentication. I find this is normally caused by a user not changing their password when prompted to.
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