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snmp timeout from NNM station

snmp timeout from NNM station

My NNM station has the following problem:
When I make a snmp request from NNM station
to one single device,the request goes on timeout.
Cosider that:
-the same request from another machine on the same Lan of the NNM station has succefully completed.
-the same request to any device of my network has succefully completed.
-I've chenged the router( It isn't a router problem)
-It isn't a firewall problem.

Have you any suggestion for me.
Thanks a lot.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: snmp timeout from NNM station

Probably a routing issue.

On the bad machine if UNIX/Linux

traceroute IPofNNM

and see where it stops.

on a window box the command is

tracert -d IPofNNM

where IPofNNM is the IP address of the NNM station.

If it goes all the way through then do a

nslookup NNMhostname

and see what it says.

If it fails right away look at

netstat -rn

Try to figure out how which gateway it would use to get to the IP address of the NNM station. If there is not a particular route to the subnet of the NNM station then look at the default route ( There should only be one. It is easy to add a second one to a window box but it just confuses it. The default route should point to the gateway which connects to the Internet or to the most other subnets. If there is a second path which leads to a few subnets then you have to add routes to tell the machine how to get there.

On the NNM station do

nslookup badmachineshostname

Make sure it can find it. You can run a traceroute in the other direction to see what happens.

If there is a sat link or other major delay in the way you can try to set the timeout to a higher value. Options/Snmp configuration/Specific nodes

Finally look for overfilled WAN links where packets are being dropped or for router filters or for lists of allowed snmp servers that the box want to talk to.