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tcp connection established gauge incorrect

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tcp connection established gauge incorrect


I need to graph the current tcp connection of a machine. I've always used the tcp-mib's oid . for doing that.

However, the result I get is bizarre to say the least. The graph I obtain after a few days show a linear curve, instead of something that goes more "up and down". It's as if this oid's datatype is a counter instead of a gauge and counts every tcp connection established (though I'm not even sure it's that, the curb isn't increasing faster or slower, it's just linear no matter what time it is).
This is the first time I'm working on an hp-ux and I was wandering if there wasn't a particular private mib that could get me the right information.

thanks for your help !
rick jones
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Re: tcp connection established gauge incorrect

I don't have an answer, but will ask the usual follow-up questions like:

Which version of HP-UX are you running and with which Transport patches installed?
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