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vlan with apa

Carme Torca
Super Advisor

vlan with apa



Its possible to configure vlan with apa?.

How could I do it?


Thanks a lot of!



Users are not too bad ;-)
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Re: vlan with apa

Yes, it is possible, if your HP-UX version is not too old.


APA was one of many things that changed in 11.31, so the configuration procedures for 11.31 will be different from procedures for 11.23 or older.


I could describe you all the ways to configure VLANs for APA: by using the lanadmin command for 11.23 and older, by editing the configuration files, by using the nwmgr on 11.31, or by using the SMH. But, you know... it's already been done. By the professional document-writers at HP. And those descriptions have been checked by the people who actually built APA, so they should be complete and reliable.


Yes, I'm going to suggest that you should read the documentation first. After the downfall of, it can be found here:  -> HP-UX Auto Port Aggregation (APA) Software


Look into the "User Guides" section, pick a version of APA Administrator's Guide that is appropriate for your APA and HP-UX versions, and read it. Then, if you still have questions, you're welcome to ask again. It will be easier to help you if you can describe exactly how far you've got on your own, and point out a specific thing you have trouble understanding.