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How SATA(HDD) and SSD disks works

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How SATA(HDD) and SSD disks works

Hello guys  i would like to know How SATA(HDD) and SSD disks are being used. and please tell me how more load and capacity the SSD disks should have to avoid overloading the SSD disks. your help will be much appreciated.


Re: How SATA(HDD) and SSD disks works

Are you wanting to know how HDD and SSD is being used within the Nimble CASL filesystem?  I am a little unclear on the question.

When sizing a Nimble CS array, be sure to have ~10% Flash-to-Disk ratio between the SSD and HDD.  For example, an array with 100TB useable HDD space should have 10TB of SSD.  It's best to engage your local sales team to ensure the array is properly sized and configured.  

Patrick Miller | Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employee
Solutions Architect – Storage & Hybrid IT

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Roland Kudelic
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Re: How SATA(HDD) and SSD disks works

10% is correct. On our CS500 it looks lite this:

HDD   15 TiB Usable (21.8 TiB / 24 TB Raw)    Cache   2.2 TiB Usable (2.2 TiB / 2.4 TB Raw)