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Infosight and Inactive server

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Infosight and Inactive server

Hi, Nimble Storage Specialist !

I'm not managing Nimble Hardware, but 3PAR hardware. Infosight was introduced on this platform and I'm great fan. I remember an education video (nimble or 3par ?) about finding out on inactive servers (VM's ) via infosight, but can't find it anymore. It is not that clear for me how to interprete the inactive status in onfosight.

Someone more info to get frip on inactive servers via Infosigth ?  



Re: Infosight and Inactive server


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Re: Infosight and Inactive server


Hello ,

I have uploaded the Screen shot,

Kindly check and confirm


Dinesh Kumar 

I am a HPE Employee
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Re: Infosight and Inactive server

Hi  Dinesh. thanks for the reply!

Actually is was already that far on generating the VM list with inactive field include. But i do get a list ,and that is my personal opinion, with  more inactive servers then I expected..

For some of them I  can deepdive , drilldown to the trending info, for other i can't..

What I'm realy searching for are the critera to make a server inactive, in infosight.

for example what about servers , inactve, but still do have a backup window. This servers at least do  some read  iops ..... Enough so make this server active ? what about virtuals servers moving around by vm storage vmotions  ?


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Re: Infosight and Inactive server

Inactive VMs are designated that state when they're powered off for a certain period of time - hence why they're greyed out and you can't click on them for more information.

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

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