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Monitoring snapshots....??

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Monitoring snapshots....??

Currently have a Nimble AF1000.  Was wondering if there's possibly a way to monitor snapshots on it (specifically, the manual ones)?  I believe, since the manual snapshots don't expire, it seems to be taking up too much space.  Because of this, we get alerts of the Nimble being more than 85% used.  So, in a few months you can imagine how much it'll grow.  So, was just wondering if there's a way to monitor & track this?  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  


Re: Monitoring snapshots....??


Could you give us more information of what your looking as all snapshots appears in the GUI and CLI. Moreover, Infosight alerts when there are “unmanaged” snapshots, and you can configure for each volume the limit for snapshots.



Dinesh Kumar 



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Re: Monitoring snapshots....??


As informed we need more detailes, kindly let us know.




Dinesh kumar 


I am a HPE Employee
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Re: Monitoring snapshots....??


I have some unmanaged snapshots and i am getting alerts for those unmanaged snapshots.
where can i find some documentation what snapshots come under unmanaged and how to solve this issue.

Please let me know



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Re: Monitoring snapshots....??

Hello Varun,

Unmanaged Snapshots are snapshots residing on your system that aren't governed by any retention policy you've created, meaning they'll never get removed from your system (and potentially eat up a lot of space).

There' a good thread here with some more discussion on your issue, which may help:

Nick Dyer
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