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Replicating a replica volume

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Replicating a replica volume

So here is the scenario.


We have four arrays, we have replications going on between the different DCs. We just set up our fourth array which we will be moving to a DC in Oklahoma City. This array will be used to house our replication form the other three arrays. 

I want to see if I can seed the fourth array without breaking replication from the other arrays. 


Is there a way I can replicate the replica volume to the fourth array without putting the volume collection online or removing the replica volume from the downstream volume collection?


Right now we are like this

DCA --> DCB replication. Pretty basic.

I want to try DCA --> DCB --> DCB --> DCC



HPE Blogger

Re: Replicating a replica volume


Unfortunately, Nimble doesn't support cascading replication today (ie a volume A->B->C).

The only thing you could do would be to clone a replicated snapshot on B, and then set it to replicate to C - however that will be a 100% re-sync of the data across the replication link.

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

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