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Replacing Internal SCSI drive Nonstop S-series 7800

Occasional Visitor

Replacing Internal SCSI drive Nonstop S-series 7800

We have a Nonstop S7800 that is out of service, but we have retained it as a development box.  I have two internal disks that are failed.  I have hundreds of "like" disks that I could replace them with, but when I put them in, I keep seeing this error when I try to revive them, 

TANDEM.DISK.G07    005104   LDEV 0120 


The destination subtype is incompatible with the source subtype

Source Subtype: 53  Destination Subtype: 85


Does the replacement disk have to be an exact copy, i.e. an HP SCSI disk.  The ones I have are the same speed and size SCSI disks, just a different brand.

Paul Kurtz
Valued Contributor

Re: Replacing Internal SCSI drive Nonstop S-series 7800

PUP PRIMARY primary disk to backup cpu and backup path and then revive again.