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Storeonce 4500 new expansions

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Storeonce 4500 new expansions

hello everyone,

we did an expansion on storeonce 4500 last week.

we used to have only two controllers working for different systems, however, we installed two expansion enclosures for each.

we are seeing the new enclosures on the ILO, but unfortunately, the new upgraded space is not reflecting in storeonce systems.

the software version is: 3.9.4-1411.2

Do you have any recommendation on what can we do to solve this problem?

noting that we didn't yet reboot the system after we added the new enclosures.


Re: Storeonce 4500 new expansions

This is not really a Nonstop Server question, but did you apply the new licenses that do with the additional storage?   Storeonce is licensed by storage space, and you have to install the licenses before you can use the additional storage.  

There are also some CLI commands to check the status,   they vary by version.  on mine is it

hardware show storage status  

It displays the total storage available.

The management page Storage,  Storage Configuration tab also shows more info.   It will tell you what you have installed and licensed.