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not very user friendly

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not very user friendly



I am a systems administrator for NonStop blade servers. I miss clicking on the knowledgebase from the onestop website. I find this site very confusing. Can anyone assis me on the exact navigation to access the knowledgebase.



William Sampey
Systems Analyst
State Street Corp

Re: not very user friendly

can we have the nonstop knowledgebase back please

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Re: not very user friendly

From the HP Support Center FAQ:


Q. How do I search for answers in the new ‘Search Support Knowledge’ feature?


A: You can enter the same kind of statements you used earlier in KBNS and you will see the same kind of answers to the questions raised.  All KBNS documents are considered “solution” documents in Search support knowledge.  You should restrict your search to only “Engineering notes, solutions, bug reports, FAQs” to narrow your search results to the KBNS contents.


You can reach the search page @

 - and be sure to include the keyword "NonStop" in your search to help narrow things down.

I work for HPE.

Re: not very user friendly

I agree completely. whereas before in KBNS, you could submit a string of text to retriefve something similar to what you're enquiring on, this new knowledge base facility brings back TOO much information. Having to deselect various options to return (hopefully) what I require.


Re: not very user friendly

Adding "NonStop" to the search restricts the search to documents that contain the word "NonStop".  Some, but only some, documents about NonStop include the word "NonStop".

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Re: not very user friendly

I had the same problem when I began to use it but I'm getting best results since I practice more.

I already think it would be better to choose a category for NonStop instead to write it the word every time.

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Re: not very user friendly

This site allows you to do search within serarch though ....

It probably needs some time to get used to it.

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Re: not very user friendly

totally agree!!

KBNS was much more useful for nonstop users!!

give us back KBNS functionalities!




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Re: not very user friendly

The new KB is absolutely worthless. The old one was not the best, but at least I could find the info I needed fairly quickly. When I do a KB search, I need results only for Nonstop systems, not for printers, cameras and every flavor of server that HP has ever made.


Entering Nonstop in the search helps, but it's not a solution. With the dozens of names Tandems have assumed over the years like Tandem, Himalaya, Integrity, etc, etc, etc, entering Nonstop in the search field does not guarantee you will get the results you need.


The same goes for the useless new manuals page. There is no way to limit the search just Nonstop manuals, so you enter a keyword and up pops hundreds of links for manuals on printers, cameras, storage, Unix boxes, Windows servers, etc. Completely worthless. I get better results searching for Nonstop info in the manuals by using Google.


Re: not very user friendly

The amount of knowledge gathered in the NonStop Knowledge Base is of gigantic proportions, I can't get my head around how the merging of all these platforms (Unix, windows, nonstop) knowledge base data is a good idea, a query string of just few words will return more unwanted responses than useful ones.


the amount of cases open at GMCSC for questions will see an increase, There are not many experts left at GMCSC for them to be occupied with questions, they have more important mater to attend and knowledgeable provided the answers for me most of the time.