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Disable integration - no login

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Disable integration - no login

Office 2003 and Trim on Windows XP


Hi, is there a way to disable the trim Integration without opening Trim?


We have  computers with Trim installed and by default every new user login has the integration enabled by default but not all users have Trim logins.  This means they get connection errors when opening Word, Outlook etc.


At the moment I enable a Trim login for the user, open Trim and disable the integration then remove the login from Trim.  There must be an easier way.





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Re: Disable integration - no login

This is happening because your deployment has the integratoin enabled by default.  Switch it off in the MSISettings.


Update the HKLM\Software\Tower Software\TRIM5\MSISettings key and set "ODMA" to 0.


Re: Disable integration - no login



We have the same issue with, XP & various Office versions - Majority 2003 & 2007.


We currently get up too 100 failed login mail notifications in our inbox a day....or more!!!


The same method Justin has mentioned is how we workaround it now.


Is this the correct registry key to change for HP TRIM


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM\Integration set 'ODMA' to 0


Thank you :)

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Re: Disable integration - no login

If the user has opened TRIM once then there is a key in that integration key. However, if they've never logged onto the machine then the client will be configured based on the MSI settings. For 7.1+ it's WORD_ON in the msisettings HKLM key.
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Re: Disable integration - no login

Made the change and it works beautifully.  Thanks for your help EWillsey!