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Trim - Document Transfer


Trim - Document Transfer



I have completely transfered all document from one document store to the other using the Document Transfer feature of Trim Client. However, the size and documents of my source document store remain unchaged. Am I not understanding this feature correctly, and should this feature remove documents from the source document store once the documents are transferred?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Trim - Document Transfer

I've only seem that in TRIM 5 (or early 6) versions where the size and document counts weren't updated on deletes, but running 6.2 now and counts are properly updated.


Transferring documents should delete the documents on your source after copying the document to the new docstore, although I have found that in the source docstore some files may be left behind that have no reference to any of the TRIM objects.

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Re: Trim - Document Transfer

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Thanks for your response, our original document store remained intact with the same number of documents as before. However the new document store size is somewhat 3GB less than the original document store with approximately 6000 documents less when viewed through folder properties in Windows Explorer. Which got me really worry.


I would also like to add we are running 6.2.2 on our servers, since the document transfer does not work on this version, I have upgraded one of my client to 6.2.4 to do the transfer.


Thanks for your help

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Re: Trim - Document Transfer

Have you tried a docStore integrity check. It should give you a differential. Additionally, to be doubly safe, in dos, do a DIR listing with fullpath and size listing of old doc and new docStore,  and pipe it to a excel or whatever you, I'd import the dir listing to something like MSaccess and do a unmatched count. Use the count against your tsrecelec table(there are a few more tables such as rendition, reports, elec blobs etc). Once you get your differential, the question is, are you will to update your HP TRIM dataset metdata  using some sought of SQL script to make the numbers balance?.

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Re: Trim - Document Transfer

Is the source doc store read-only in TRIM? That could explain why the documents weren't deleted as part of the transfer process, and could also possibly explain the existence of a lot of documents that no longer have database references. Any deletes/replaced revisions wouldn't get deleted from the source store once it was marked read-only.


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