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3 ways stable solutions are enabling OEM innovation through unstable times


As global emergencies or disasters happen, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across industries face increasing pressure to continue operating effectively despite rising challenges.

When travel and work restrictions are imposed on the global population, there is a greater need for OEMs’ solutions to be stable – such as hospital equipment to help you stay healthy and telecommunications solutions to keep you in touch with family and friends. Minimizing impact to their customers’ businesses and allowing them to continue working as normal is a priority.

HPE OEM Solutions powers the innovations needed to drive the world forward, even when our world is facing turbulent times. Here are three ways HPE OEM Solutions is supporting OEM businesses like yours in times of crisis.

  1. Minimal on-site troubleshooting

It is crucial for OEMs that stable, reliable technology underpins their solutions. With technology from HPE OEM Solutions, you can rest assured that your business can continue running solutions effectively no matter what challenges your OEM business might be facing.

And with HPE iLO server management software, you can configure, monitor and update your HPE servers from anywhere in the world – minimising on-site troubleshooting required.

  1. Scale up or down as needed

In times of uncertainty, businesses truly feel the benefit of a flexible pay-per-use IT consumption model. Scale your business up and down based on customer demand with HPE GreenLake, and free budget to focus on your core IP and further innovation.

  1. Be supported to continue innovating

With HPE’s global Innovation Labs, there is no need to put your ideas on hold. Work remotely with the latest kit and collaborate with experts to continue innovating as fast as ever.

Talk to us today to discover how HPE OEM Solutions can support your innovations today and in the future: http://www.hpe.com/solutions/oem

Audrey Cox
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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