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Accelerate Next with HPE OEM at Discover 2017 Madrid

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2017 will be held in Madrid this November 28-30, at the Feria de Madrid Convention Center. At Discover Madrid, HPE will show how to benefit from the latest innovations enabling to develop OEM solutions and applications around Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, and Point Next services. Join HPE OEM to see how these innovations accelerate business growth for your customers.

This year’s agenda is full of exhilarating sessions, demos, and guided tours.  Get a unique opportunity to see, touch, and experience HPE’s latest solutions and products and engage with the partners through the exclusive transformation zones at the event. Learn more about the Transformation Zone here: http://www.hpe.com/events/discover/transformation_zone.

In addition to the regular sessions, HPE senior leaders and guests will deliver one-hour sessions which spotlight portfolio updates and strategic initiatives across HPE. Spotlight sessions will be streamed live on the Discover website. Also, there are 30 minutes-innovation sessions where speakers will deliver unique content, based on innovative and thought-provoking subjects that inspire the market and ultimately the world.

Don’t miss these sessions highlighting the capabilities and business benefits of HPE OEM.

Here are the details of the OEM sessions-

1. Delivering Hybrid IT in an OEM Ecosystem

Session id: 14336

OEM’s face an increased challenge of growing their businesses in highly competitive, changing markets. Explore real-world examples of how the latest innovations of HPE enables OEM’s rapidly deploy in a Hybrid IT environment.

2. Powering the Intelligent Edge with HPE OEM

Session id: 14337                                                                                                               

HPE IoT brings the latest innovations, experiences, and case studies deployed by customers. Find out how HPE is leading the technology effort in developing practical solutions to accelerate OEM opportunities in this fast-growing market.

3. Discover the HPE OEM Advantage

Session id: 14338

A rapidly changing technology landscape requires strong partnerships fuelled by innovation to thrive. Hear how to engage and grow, with end-to-end IoT architectures, Hybrid IT models and everyday examples from the Intelligent Edge.

4. How to Engage HPE PointNext Services for OEMs

Session id: 14339

Navigating and harnessing digital transformation is how to get ahead—creating new customer experiences, optimizing core business operations, accelerating new products and services, or finding new markets. Learn how the new IT consumption models available through HPE will enable OEMs to become increasingly more competitive in their markets.

5. Enabling success with OEM Solutions technology

Session ID: DF4364

In the age we live in, technology changes every day. And in every industry, technology needs can vary.
The HPE OEM Solutions program provides customers a “4S Ecosystem”: Solutions, Supply Chain, Services, and Staff to address these challenges. Discover how these solutions enable business success with the breadth of compute technologies to address any OEM application requirements that range from single workload appliances to the latest composable software-defined infrastructure.


OEM-related Demos at Discover 2017 Madrid:

  • HPE Technology Partner Program

Demo Id: DEMO14327

The HPE Technology Partner Program delivers valuable resources that develop, test and promote products that integrate with HPE technology and meet customer needs. Through HPE’s outstanding industry-standard partner program, find everything to create innovative, integrated solutions that foster business enablement and precisely address customers’ needs.

  • HPE OEM solutions

Demo Id: DEMO14328

HPE has OEM in its genes. With the most comprehensive product portfolio, coupled with the largest global supply chain, HPE delivers world-class solutions that enable OEMs to refocus their energy from operations to innovation.

  • HPE OEM Solutions Information Central Station

Demo Id: DEMO14329

At our OEM Hub on the show floor, stop by and learn how HPE is positioned as a solution provider for OEM channel partners, and how HPE technology and experience are the best choices for developing OEM solutions that meet end-customer needs.

  • OEM virtual reality experience

Demo Id: DEMO14326

Participate in a true virtual reality OEM experience. Immerse in an interactive cityscape that showcases vertical market applications for your OEM solutions.

  • HPE IoT Solutions

Demo Id: DEMO14330

HPE is the go-to solution provider for all IoT needs. By using HPE technology, solutions around Condition Based Monitoring, Location Services, and Remote Device Management and Monitoring can be easily configured and supported through HPE IoT applications and solutions.

  • OEM and PointNext

Demo Id: DEMO14375

HPE OEM and PointNext help OEMs develop competitive Edge as a Service and Flexible Capacity capabilities and services for their customers. Learn how HPE OEM and PointNext are the partners of choice for leading-edge solutions.

Click Here to register for and learn about HPE and HPE OEM sessions and demos at Discover 2017 Madrid.


Want to join HPE at Discover, onsite or from afar? Check out some other important links below:

Homepage: https://www.hpe.com/events/discover/

Registration: https://attend.hpe.com/discover2017madrid/

Content catalog: https://content.attend.hpe.com/go/agendabuilder.sessions/?l=36&locale=en_US

Twitter Updates: https://twitter.com/HPE_Discover?lang=en


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