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Address the Massive Internet of Things Market with Industry’s First Converged IoT System

The Internet of Things is unquestionably one of the most vibrant growth areas for OEMs.  IoT opportunities abound in virtually every industry—manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, retail, transportation—you name it. Next-generation intelligent systems will automate industrial control processes and optimize workflows improving productivity, decision making and business results.  But the vast scale of the Internet of Things poses complex architectural challenges for OEM system designers. 

Fortunately HPE has plenty of experience helping OEMs create large-scale systems for industrial automation, energy management, transportation and telecommunications.  We understand first-hand why a distributed system architecture is essential for eliminating data bottlenecks and achieving massive scalability.   That’s why last year we launched our Edgeline EL10 and EL20 IoT gateways that execute data processing and control functions at the edge of the network.  And now we’ve extended the Edgeline family with the introduction of the industry’s first converged IoT systems that capture and analyze big data at the network edge.

New Edgeline EL4000 and EL1000 SystemsNew Edgeline EL4000 and EL1000 Systems

New HPE Edgeline IoT Systems Enable Big Data and Analytics at the Network Edge

The new Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000 systems deliver high-density compute and storage functionality at the edge of the network for ultimate performance and resiliency.  These compact, converged platforms capture and analyze massive data sets, execute business logic and exert intelligent control over IoT endpoints—without communicating with central applications running in the cloud or data center.  By eliminating wide area network (WAN) latency, the EL1000 and EL4000 enable rapid response and control.  For example, in an intelligent transportation control system application, a field controller can instantaneously decelerate a train based on a series of track-side sensor readings. The autonomous system design also enables continued local operation in the event of WAN outages or data center problems.  In our train example, the field controller continues to operate normally even if it loses connectivity to the main data center or cloud.

Optimized for Field Deployment in Remote Locations

Ideal for energy, telecommunications, transportation and industrial applications, the EL1000 and EL4000 are specifically designed for deployment in unattended, remote sites where space and power are a premium.  They are small in size and use fewer components, for greater reliability and energy efficiency.  They are built to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, for operation in harsh industrial environments or outdoor settings.   They support Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) management for remote monitoring and troubleshooting and fewer site visits.  And they feature a modular product design for easy component replacement in the field.


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