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Anritsu and HPE OEM - Shaping the Future of Telecommunications

In the last few years, the telecommunications industry has experienced an exponential increase in data volume, while the expected response time for analysis on those data volumes seen an exponential decrease. Within half a decade or so, telecommunication networks have gone from Gigabytes of data and sub-minute response time to Exabytes of data and sub-second response time. Anritsu, with the help of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM solutions, designed real-time, predictive, global analytics solutions ensuring customer experience and service assurance for over 1 billion telecommunication subscribers worldwide.

When Anritsu stepped into the world of telecommunications, there was mountains of data to analyze amassed in the time expected by customers. The previous system was both time consuming and complex, Hewlett Packard OEM solutions supplied Anritsu the global approach that highlights the key cost and benefit areas it offers.

Anritsu deployed HPE OEM solutions to replace its previous data storage and analytics platform as it targeted new revenue streams. HPE OEM is leading the integration of commercial off-the-shelf IT equipment into the Telco environment including blade-based switches and OpenFlow enabled switches. Anritsu found HPE OEM to support an infrastructure serving customers globally on technology innovation such as data analytics and IoT.

Watch this video to find out more about this innovative solution from Anritsu which utilizes the field-proven, extensive analytics capabilities of HPE OEM.

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