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Anritsu partnered with HPE OEM to accelerate global delivery & support of service assurance solution


One of the biggest challenges telecom operators often face is ensuring service availability that meets customers’ high expectations. This is why many of the world’s largest telecom operators turn to Anritsu- a multinational conglomerate that primarily targets the market for wired and wireless telecommunications systems. This Japan-based company provides its customers with end-to-end service assurance through intelligent monitoring of network and service quality against thousands of key performance indicators (KPIs). However, Anritsu needed a reliable infrastructure that expertly supported across the globe. Therefore, they collaborated with HPE OEM to streamline global delivery and support.

As an HPE OEM partner, Anritsu can now accelerate its response to customer project requests and can pass along significant TCO savings. When Anritsu stepped into the world of telecommunications, there were mountains of data to analyze amassed in the time expected by customers, which was both time-consuming and complex. But, HPE OEM solutions helped Anritsu with the global approach that highlighted the key cost and benefit areas it offered.

According to Jörg Schneider, Director of Innovation and Strategy at Anritsu, “In many cases, we have to react to customers by the next business day, which the HPE OEM program enables us to do through their global infrastructure. The enhanced warranty for HPE OEM technologies also gives us more predictable forecasting and allows us to offer our customers TCO savings”.

As Anritsu continues to evolve its service assurance business, the HPE OEM program provides the company with access to the latest technologies and services on which it can innovate and expand the breadth of its service assurance capabilities.

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