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CTERA Networks: Collaborating with HPE OEM Solutions to solve key business challenges

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One of the major business challenges modern enterprises face today is evolving the traditional models for storing, protecting and delivering secure access to unstructured data. To solve this key challenge, CTERA Networks partnered with HPE OEM Solutions to unify Edge Computing with the best-in-class Secure Cloud File Services. This collaboration integrates HPE SimpliVity, an enterprise-grade hyper converged platform, with CTERA’s global file system to provide all-in-one edge storage and compute solution with triple redundancy and multi-site collaboration.

According to Oded Nagel, the COO of CTERA, the company was facing three major challenges:

(a) How to manage siloed environments?

(b) How to move data securely from the remote office to the core?

(c) Cost-effectiveness.

He said, "We partnered with HPE OEM to build the first Unified Edge Compute Solutions, based on the HPE Simplivity Solution. We chose HPE products because of the range of available options that enable us to continually expand our offerings and pursue new markets. Just as importantly, we value working with good people who we can trust and feel confident they’ll respond quickly to our needs. Worldwide, the support I get from the people in the HPE OEM organization has been great."

Watch the video below:

He further said that the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged platform was the ideal solution, which powered the new CTERA Edge X Series to deliver cost-effective file services across thousands of remote sites. "As an HPE OEM partner, I have visibility into one of the top vendor’s product roadmaps, which helps me build CTERA’s long-range strategy. That’s a very important part of our OEM relationship", he further said.

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