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Can Artificial Intelligence detect the cause of diseases?


The technological advancements in the global Healthcare industry are hurtling at light speed. As the medical industry is undergoing immense changes, Healthcare OEMs look forward to the growing technological trends to improve all aspects of patient care. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) play significant roles in the evolution of the healthcare industry, so much that algorithms can now predict and detect the root cause of a certain disease, making an accurate and timely diagnosis.

For example, AI can detect the underlying cause of cancer, which can eventually help pharmaceutical scientists develop new drugs accordingly. In one recent study, published by Healthcare IT News, "Google and medical partners including Northwestern University have unveiled a new AI-based tool that can create a better model of a patient’s lung from the CT scan images. This 3-D image gives better predictions about the malignancy of tumors and incorporates learning from previous scans, enabling the AI to help clinicians in spotting lung cancer in earlier stages when it is vastly more treatable".

Be it biometrics or imaging from a CT scan machine, AI is capable of looking closer at patient data, resulting in early diagnosis and better treatment. AI also plays a pivotal role in making healthcare advancements possible. Talking about precision medicine, which is a relatively new term in the healthcare industry, requires computing power algorithms that can learn by themselves at an unprecedented rate. With AI, this becomes possible, taking precision medicine to a whole new level. Eventually, this provides more accuracy and prediction of the patients' health.

Today, AI, machine learning and deep learning are no longer future technologies; they’ve already found significant traction in the medical field. HPE OEM has been at the forefront of working with OEMs in driving innovation and Machine Learning, and has opened up an accelerated path to stay ahead of the competition and further enhance the value of your solutions.

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