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Can Artificial Intelligence read the complex human brain?


Reading someone's mind can be tricky and complex. However, developing an inner intuition about what others think is very crucial as it can significantly affect your personal and professional life. Understanding the human mind or behavior is a critical human skill, but doing it poorly can lead to serious consequences. But what's interesting today is that the subject of human behavior has changed a lot under the technological renaissance. New technologies like Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI) hugely impact the way experts and scientists study the human brain. AI can be adopted to learn more about the different patterns and the positive aspects of human behavior.

AI has the potential to improve levels of insight into human behavior by providing in-depth analysis & intelligence surrounding emotions and characteristics of any individual. According to a survey, a group of MIT researchers came up with a new system that would help in searching for human element patterns. In order to test and analyze this, the researchers participated in 3 data science competitions. To one's surprise, during the second competition, the predictions that the Data Science Machine made "were 94 percent and 96 percent as accurate as that of the winning submissions, while in the third competition, the figure was a more modest 87 percent". When compared to the teams of humans, this machine "took somewhere between 2 and 12 hours to produce each of its entries".

The Data Science Machine can be considered as a natural complement to human intelligence. “There’s so much data out there to be analyzed. And right now it’s just sitting there not doing anything. So maybe we can come up with a solution that will at least get us started on it, at least get us moving", said Max Kanter, an MIT graduate student in computer science. However, we can't limit AI's potential to just predicting the human brain as it has proven to have a transformative impact on our society as well. As AI algorithms are powered by data, this technology can not only improve the efficiencies of our workplaces but can also augment the work we humans do. 

Today, AI is bringing great changes and improvements in businesses, helping them explore various opportunities in the market and innovate new solutions for their business growth. At HPE, the OEM team has been consistent in driving innovation and Machine Learning that has opened up an accelerated path to stay ahead of the competition and further enhance the value of your solutions.

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