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Cancer Treatment Gets a Supercomputing Boost: Elekta - HPE - Arrow Collaboration

It is unsurprising that the internet and digital revolutions signify profound changes in medical instrumentation. Medical professionals are using technology in all aspects of their jobs from using IT databases for easily accessing patient health records, to performing precise surgeries using high-tech surgical aids and robots. Whether as a patient or as a practitioner, the technological and experiential changes in the medical field are nothing short of transformation and life-changing.

The number of people diagnosed with cancer is rising each year. Do numbers hold the key to finding new and better treatments? Radiation therapy shoots high-energy particles into the body to destroy or damage cancer cells. Over the last century, the technologies used have continuously improved, and it has become a highly efficient way to treat cancer. However, physicians must still walk a fine line between delivering enough radiation to kill tumors, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

The science of calculating and assessing the radiation dose received by the human body is known as dosimetry – and here, as in many areas of science, advanced computing plays an important role. Elekta’s recent team up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) and Arrow Electronics’ Intelligent Systems business to design a next-generation anti-cancer radiation system speaks well to these advancements. At Elekta, these variations bring colossal treatment opportunities for patients, innovative tools for medical professionals, and challenges in bringing them to the real world. Arrow’s Intelligent Systems business accelerates time to market while lowering total cost of ownership through the combination of HPE products and world-class services. Elekta is a human care company pioneering clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, and its products used in 100% of USA's Top Cancer Treatment Hospitals. They develop sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy, and radiosurgery, as well as workflow enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care. 

The most significant challenge in cancer treatment is to calculate the dosage accurately. The calculation algorithm has become more and more complicated. HPE being one of the largest providers of computing solutions, realized they need to rely on critical partners to help augment their stake in vertical markets and to serve the unique needs of their OEM customers. Elekta applied their expertise to solve a series of incredibly intricate calculations and create tools like NON-INVASIVE PROTON BEAM. It targets tumors with a vengeance by saving healthy cells and removes the margin for error. HPE –Arrow-Elekta Partnership is on the mission to kill cancer and keep the lives of millions of people moving in the right direction. The HPE OEM products that Elekta leverage in their anti-cancer mission are-

  • DL380 Gen9 Servers
  • MSA Storage
  • DL380 Gen10 Servers

Arrow is a channel partner in the HPE OEM space and classified as one of HPE Certified ODP partners. HPE teams with Arrow to help find and get service OEM partners globally as an extension of HPE’s OEM Sales Force. Elekta, as an approved HPE Global OEM,  embeds the HPE product with Elekta IP into their product for sale to their customers. So, Elekta does not sell HPE products to their hospitals, but they trade Elekta radiation system which includes HPE servers and storage. Arrow helps HPE OEM sell the services and solutions to companies like Elekta.

For these innovations to become a reality, old systems must be replaced with more compute intensive models. Since data volume, variety and velocity create new demands on computing equipment, entire systems from the chip upwards require careful tailoring and quick and accurate Life Cycle planning.  HPE OEM and Arrow help companies like Elekta, future-proof their operations and bring about essential insights based on data.  Simultaneously, help customers innovate while coping with technology availability, and complicated adoption of new advances.    

However, the very fact that HPE is working with Arrow makes this kind of sophisticated technology become an everyday reality as the system is compelling and very stable. This is precisely what HPE values. By partnering with innovative companies, it is both gratifying and inspiring for HPE OEM to be able to do a little bit of designing and defining core technology for next-generation medical breakthroughs both now and in the future. Patients and medical professionals alike see and benefit from the exciting innovations changing the medical field.  Many of these innovation efforts target lower cost, greater ease-of- use and precise tailoring of medicines to the patient.

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