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Catch the latest innovations in industrial tech at Hannover Messe

Have you been looking forward to the 2019 Hannover Messe (HM) show? If yes, your wait is soon to get over. We are just a few days away from the world's largest trade fair for industrial tech. The HM 2019, scheduled for April 1-5, 2019 will bring together 6,500 exhibitors from 75 nations, creating one of the biggest such gatherings in the world. The event helps in guiding decision-makers and industrial pioneers towards the path ahead to tomorrow's factories with in-depth coverage of Industry 4.0 technologies, artificial intelligence, 5G, lightweight construction and the future of work.

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The 2018 HM show was a big success. But this year, the expectations are even higher. The 2019 HM has been the talk of the town and is expected to be a landmark industrial tech show of all time.  And like always, HPE OEM will once again make a strong presence at the HM event. This time, HPE will be showcasing data-driven manufacturing solutions that enable intelligent production, agile, autonomous, and proactive.

The future of manufacturing is connected, automated and digitally driven. Production processes (OT) and IT interlock more and more. HPE helps you identify business relevance with partners, optimize production, increase supply chain efficiency and reduce downtime. Does this sound interesting? To know more, visit our "Production Line" at the show or read below about the exciting new HPE OEM stations in Hall 6, booth A40, at HM:


HPE Station 1: Digital Design, Simulation & Guided Assembly

  • This booth will show you how geographically dispersed engineering, design and production teams can collaborate on product design and production-related issues as well as the 3D CAD rendering of the product. You get to learn about the 3 SolarAid programs (LED – light libraries, entrepreneurs and disabilities) and witness the 3D CAD renderings of the solar light and its components.
  • The Vuforia’s AR platform will offer a visual presentation on how workers need to produce the design variants so that they don’t go through a manual training exercise for every new product configuration. The AR will also guide you through this process as an example of assembling a new product configuration.


Station 2:  Digital Assembly and Packaging

  • This stand will feature an automated assembly and connected robotics services running on an HPE EL300. You will get to see how the robots collect their labelled boxes, assemble them, insert the solar light and seal them. Once sealed, the robots will hold out the completed boxes and pose for a photo with the donor.
  • It showcases a fantastic social media opportunity around human-robot collaboration within a context of sustainability (clean lighting). You get to learn how HPE helps to improve the way people live and work.


Station 3:  Video Analytics Quality Assurance

  • Want to know what's in store for you at this booth? At this station, you will see how the light gets packed into a “kit” (shipping box). The video analytics will scan to ensure if each box has the correct number and the type of box based on the destination program (library lights, entrepreneurs, disabilities). Once correctly assembled, shipping kits will get a green light.
  • In the next phase, the shipping boxes undergo quality stamp, following which they are sent over to the Distribution/finished product station and placed on the appropriate destination shelf for the destination program country.


Station 4:  Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

  • At this booth, you will get to witness condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of the full assembly line, i.e. the 3 stations before. The demo will run on EL300 with the OTLink which collects all data streams from station 1 to 3.
  • It will then be sent to ThingWorx in the Azure Cloud, where the condition of the systems at the three stations will be visualized, monitored as well as options to trigger respective predictive maintenance actions on the systems. It will also show how OTLink aggregate data on-premise and that only relevant, fewer data will be sent into the cloud.


HPE would love to meet you there and listen to your challenges. To know more about us, reach out to the HPE OEM team at the show. We will be happy to help you further.  See you at the 2019 HM show!

Audrey Cox
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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