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Like last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has once again brought the Discover experience to an even larger audience around the world through a highly immersive Virtual Experience, all free of cost to registered attendees. HPE Discover Virtual Event 2020 was a great success, while attendees got the chance to watch our engaging on-demand OEM sessions & demos, and also interact with our experts. This year, HPE OEM Solutions brings an enhanced offering for our OEM customers- Introducing the HPE OEM Discover Virtual Experience website- this portal has been created to help you understand the details of our OEM Solutions offerings and how it powers the innovations needed to drive any business forward.

The HPE OEM Discover Virtual Experience portal explores the benefits of an HPE OEM solutions partnership-

  • What is HPE OEM: Organizations partnering with HPE OEM get access to the full portfolio of HPE servers, storage and networking technologies, from high-performance mission-critical computing to wireless network security and IoT edge solutions, thereby helping businesses create new services faster by minimizing risks.
  • Customization is Key: HPE OEM Services- When it's time to take your innovative solutions to the market, choosing the right OEM partner can have a profound impact on your business success and profitability. HPE OEM is here to help you tackle challenges around advanced technology, global support, and supply chain. Our HPE OEM customization services offer you a variety of ways to showcase your brand on HPE-built solutions, helping you readily expand into new markets. With HPE Factory Customization, we provide everything, from hardware, racking, cabling, and imaging to flexible branding options. 
  • Enabling OEM Innovation-Stable solutions in unstable times: As global emergencies or disasters happen, OEMs across industries face increasing pressure to continue operating effectively despite rising challenges. When travel and work restrictions are imposed on the global population, there is a greater need for OEMs’ solutions to be stable – such as hospital equipment to help you stay healthy and telecommunications solutions to keep you in touch with family and friends. Minimizing the impact on their customers’ businesses and allowing them to continue working as normal is a priority. HPE OEM Solutions powers the innovations needed to drive the world forward, even when our world is facing turbulent times.

In these unprecedented times, we are proud to see how our HPE OEM Solutions customers are helping the world address these challenges.  At HPE, we are honored to partner with all our OEM customers who are contributing towards the global society and those who depend on their technologies. So, just as your customers are depending on you, you can lean on HPE to tackle challenges and adapt to the existing crisis.

Check out our HPE OEM Discover Virtual Experience website and learn how HPE OEM Solutions is supporting OEM businesses like yours in times of crisis.

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