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CreaLog + HPE OEM: Creating new Telco experiences for customers


CreaLog, a telco solution provider, has recently collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to power its next-generation solutions for leading European-based telco companies and is creating new Telco experiences. CreaLog now uses HPE's ProLiant servers to deliver high-performance and agility, & thereby improve their customer service.

CreaLog's system solutions needed to be based on reliable and high-performing solutions, hence the company opted for HPE ProLiant- the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. According to Michael Kloos, Managing Director, CreaLog, "This applies for the telecommunications network operators who use our platforms for the provisioning of applications like mobile call recording, telephony, messaging and value-added services as well as for number translation and routing in the intelligent network (IN). But of course also for companies of all industries who use our systems to improve their customer service through self-service via VoiceBot and other versatile IVR solutions!"

HPE ProLiant delivers the industry’s leading security, automation and workload-optimization features for telco companies to create and manage innovative telecommunications network-based technologies. Phillip Cutrone, vice president and general manager, Worldwide OEM at HPE, said that he looks forward to CreaLog and HPE's partnership in the long run. “We look forward to continue collaborating with CreaLog to extend our server capabilities and drive growth among its European-based telco customers to create new experiences and unlock value", Cutrone said.

HPE OEM solutions combine future-proof technology and decades of expertise to create long-life, custom, NEB-certified, and derivative products. Partnering with HPE OEM Solutions lets you expand your capabilities and extend your reach. With HPE OEM Solutions at your side, you’ll accelerate new opportunities, rapidly adapting to meet the evolving demands of your customers.

Read the full press release here.

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