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Creating cost-effective 5G-ready solutions with HPE OEM Solutions


With 2020 right around the corner, the telecom industry is reshaping and uncovering newer trends. Experts believe that most telco companies today are struggling to reinvest in network upgrades, hence they are leveraging the power and agility of cloud and 5G. The hype surrounding 5G communications is understandable as there’s much reason for it. The advent of 5G will witness telecom companies tackling network-related challenges and reaping maximum rewards in the future.

The telecommunications industry is currently in flux with operators shifting, from dedicated appliance-based environments towards cloud-native network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVi). In fact, nearly half of wireless packet core revenue is from NFV deployments, and 5G adds further impetus, which is expected to rise to 88 percent by 2023. As a network equipment provider (NEP), this dramatic industry transformation presents you with two major challenges: (a) how to cost-effectively refactor your software so that it can run in the telco cloud rather than on embedded vertical solutions, (b) how to make your software run smoothly on a wide variety of commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware from different vendors?

HPE OEM Solutions helps Telco companies rise to these challenges. By partnering with HPE OEM Solutions, you can draw on the experience and expertise that HPE has gained in the industry. One of our OEM partners, Allot, a network intelligence and security solutions provider, initially chose to manufacture its hardware. But, the company later realized that it was neither scalable nor cost-effective. Allot's partnership with HPE OEM has helped it provide the most scalable network analytics solution in the market.

According to Tomer Egozi, VP Sales, Global Enterprise at Allot, "HPE OEM understands our needs and makes it so easy for us. Sometimes we don’t even need to explain our requirements. When we talk about scalability and stability, HPE OEM knows exactly what we are talking about. This makes our partnership very easy and smooth".

Learn more about the collaboration between Allot and HPE OEM Solutions in this video below:


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