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Datex ups the security game with HPE OEM

As the cost of data breaches continue to rise, organizations around the world have started taking data security much more seriously. One of the biggest problems with recovering from cyber-attacks is that security professionals rarely get the chance to deal with them immediately. IT professionals and cybersecurity experts get to learn about these attacks once they’ve already taken place. So, while most organizations continue their efforts to hold the gate against a growing army of hackers, Datex has come up with a unique solution. Instead of trying to block unauthorized access or deploying alerts that tell you when an intrusion has already occurred, Datex takes a more proactive approach through its new data protection platform- DataStealth.

HPE OEM Security SolutionHPE OEM Security Solution

For organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements, DataStealth is the solution that rises above the rest. With DataStealth, you can protect your data at the most granular level, without the need for complicated development cycles and time-consuming installations on end-user devices. So, what makes DataStealth so unique? DataStealth removes sensitive data before it lands in an environment. This means if ever this environment gets breached, there would be no sensitive data to steal, which means an intruder can’t steal what’s not available. However, Datex was aware that building its own appliances was not in their business model. So, they started looking for a solid OEM partner & further teamed up with HPE OEM partner program.

Datex has standardized its DataStealth Solution on the HPE ProLiant DL380 platform. With the right balance of versatility and resilience, it’s a server that delivers the performance Datex expects, combined with a reputation that builds customer trust. HPE ProLiant servers running Datex software are a paradigm-shifting solution that protects documents owned by or stored within an enterprise. Together, this bundled solution balances privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements with the need for usability and accessibility.

According to Ed Leavens, the founder and chief executive officer of Datex, “As an OEM partner, I get a window of time to load everything needed to have a complete solution ready for our customer. Then, when our DataStealth platform arrives at the customer site, they still have the full three-year warranty intact". “We include HPE Proactive Care with 24x7, four-hour response with every deployment. With that level of support, I sleep better at night knowing there are feet on the street taking care of our customers everywhere I have our solution deployed", he further said.

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