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Financial Application Provider Boosts Business Results with HPE

I recently posted a blog reviewing the advantages of leveraging a single Tier 1 supplier for all your technology needs.  HPE OEM N2N Connect serves as a perfect example.  Based in Malaysia, N2N delivers global trading solutions to financial services firms across the world.   

We hear a lot about solution providers moving to the cloud to accelerate time-to-value for their customers.  But many like N2N are moving to appliance-based models as well.  Traditionally an independent software vendor, N2N now sells turnkey solutions based on HPE servers and storage.   By standardizing on HPE technology platforms they were able to accelerate time-to-market while improving the overall reliability and maintainability of their solution.

Like many HPE OEMs, N2N’s intellectual property resides in their software.  Not long ago they gave customers the freedom to pick and choose their own hardware components.  While flexible for the customer, this approach often led to system implementation delays and quality concerns.  After ordering the N2N application it could take months for the customer to acquire the underlying server and storage hardware.  Once the equipment arrived on site N2N would dispatch a team of project managers, hardware engineers and application specialists to integrate, configure and test the solution.  All told it could take as long as 12 weeks to get a customer fully up and running.

To make matters worse, customers sometimes purchased the least expensive hardware they could find—often from multiple manufacturers including white box vendors. Product compatibility and multivendor interoperability issues often delayed implementation schedules.  And hardware integrity and support issues had the potential to degrade service levels.  (As you might imagine, on-line trading applications must meet stringent availability requirements.  System downtime can result in significant financial losses for N2N customers and their clients.)

Improving profitability and time-to-value

N2N turned to HPE OEM to improve the delivery, reliability and economics of their solution.  The company moved to an appliance-based model, standardizing on HPE DL380 and DL580 servers and complementary HPE StoreVirtual 4000 and 3PAR storage platforms.  “We do all of our installation, set up, and testing in-house, and then ship the pre-configured trading appliances to our clients wherever they may be. We’ve reduced time-to-value for our customers from 8-12 weeks to just 2-3 weeks. It also saves US$30,000-$40,000 on each deal since we no longer have to fly out a team to set up each system,” explains Nicholas Chua, Business Operations Director for N2N.

Boosting solution quality and customer satisfaction

The breadth, depth and proven track record of the HPE OEM partner program played a key role in the decision process. “We chose HPE as our sole OEM partner because of their investment in R&D, the quality and reliability of their products, the availability of global support, and HPE’s long-term strategy, product roadmaps and commitment. We don’t have to worry about HPE divesting their server interests or changing their storage strategy based on acquisitions as is the case with other vendors,” says Chua.

Are you an ISV looking to accelerate customer time-to-value and your own profitability?  Visit the HPE OEM Program website to learn HPE can help you improve business results. HPE delivers the stable technology platforms, dedicated engineering personnel, and worldwide distribution and support resources you need to succeed.


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N2N Connect offers the latest in financial application technologyN2N Connect offers the latest in financial application technology

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