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We are a day away from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover 2019 Las Vegas, and we are ready to be underway in full swing. We are looking forward to the show tomorrow, where we will explore how technology, apps and Edge-to-Cloud data can come together to drive smarter operations and accelerate innovation in your business. This year, the HPE OEM Solutions Hub will showcase dozens of OEM demo applications on the show floor, along with four major sessions on how HPE OEM can be of value to your organization. Visit the HPE OEM Hub (Booth # 1008), get a personalized tour of the show floor, and attend demonstrations that showcase OEM innovations from various verticals. Here are some of the OEM customers that will be featured at the OEM Hub, that have found great success by partnering with HPE OEM:


Konica Minolta (Demo ID #: DEMO1010): Like last year, Konica Minolta will once again be a part of our Discover event. This time, the focus will be on customization and integration of the HPE Gen10 ProLiant. KM will also have their new innovative Automated Meeting Minutes demo where attendees will be able to try real-time smart transcribing of conversations as well as a picture to text conversion where diagrams transform to editable PowerPoint shapes and texts. And all this will be hosted on the WPH. Click here to know more.

IoT.nxt (Demo ID #: DEMO1002): Come & join us for the IoT.nxt demo at the OEM Hub at Discover 2019 Las Vegas to understand how HPE OEM delivers its commitment towards OEM and customer success. IoT.nxt technology allows businesses to create a digital overview of their entire organization & draw insight from the data their connected ‘things’ generate. Learn more about IoT.nxt and their solutions at Discover 2019 Las Vegas. 

Allot Communications (Demo ID #: DEMO1004): Join us for the Allot demo at Discover 2019 Las Vegas and learn more about their network intelligence solutions and network-based security products. Allot solutions are deployed globally for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, and network-based security services. Click here to find out more details.

CTERA (Demo ID #: DEMO1001): Come & attend the CTERA demo to understand how the company's cloud storage solutions enable service providers and enterprises to launch managed storage, backup, file sharing and mobile collaboration services using a single platform, based on the cloud storage infrastructure of their choice. Read more here.

GE / HC (Demo ID #: DEMO1005): Don't miss out the GEHC demo that has loads to offer to the attendees at the Discover 2019 Las Vegas event. Join us at the demo to get insights about a broad portfolio of GE Healthcare products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Click here to know more about GEHC demo & their products.

Datex (Demo ID #: DEMO1010):  Datex will have an interactive demo of the Datastealth security solution featuring the HPE microserver. DataStealth is a revolutionary new approach to data security - one that can truly achieve what virtually all the other available data security technologies cannot - actually prevent hackers from accessing and stealing your sensitive data. The speakers will discuss problems that DataStealth can solve:

  • Tokenization for PCI Compliance.
  • Scope Reduction.
  • Anonymization for GDPR.
  • Attribute-Based Access Controls for Data Privacy.
  • Obfuscation for Test Data Management.


Analynk (Demo ID #: DEMO1007): This is a great example of an HPE Aruba OEM offering wireless products for hazardous areas, explosion proof antennas, hazardous area access point enclosures, IECEx, ATEX.


Register today and learn more about these demos at the event! Stay tuned for more updates on Discover 2019 Las Vegas and additional details around HPE OEM Solutions offerings at the show.


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