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Going Forward: HPE is here to help OEM partners


As the global Coronavirus pandemic sparked new IT challenges, HPE is putting its best foot forward to help minimize current & future business disruption for all channel partners. In these unprecedented times, we are proud to see how our HPE OEM Solutions customers are helping the world address these challenges.  At HPE, we are honored to partner with all our OEM customers who are contributing towards the global society and those who depend on their technologies. So, just as your customers are depending on you, you can lean on HPE to tackle challenges and adapt to the existing crisis.

While HPE is keeping in close touch with its partners, our OEM Solutions are powering the innovations needed to help drive the world forward. In healthcare, our HPE customer solutions are aiding in research for a cure and running hospital administration systems. In communications & media, we see our HPE customer solutions at work delivering the much-needed information and connectivity, enabling our mobile networks and supporting the unprecedented amount of video content streaming during this time of social distancing. Watch the video below and hear from WW OEM VP Phil Cutrone to learn more:

At HPE, we remain steadfast in our commitment to support you.  “We are proud that our technology and teams are being called in to help organizations address the COVID-19 crisis. From enabling medical clinics to supporting telework and remote education to powering scientific research, we are focused on delivering for customers in bold new ways in these trying circumstances", said HPE CEO Antonio Neri.

We're excited to invite you to HPE's first-ever virtual HPE Discover event, kicking off June 23, 2020. Discover 2020 will be a totally immersive, innovative and valuable digital experience to help our OEM customers navigate their business models through this changing world.

Register now & get more Discover updates and additional details around HPE OEM Solutions offerings at the show in upcoming blog articles.

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