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Gractor collaborates with HPE OEM solutions to deliver edge solutions for IoT success

There are trends, and then there are megatrends. The Internet of Things (IoT) belongs firmly in that second category. IoT, without a shadow of a doubt, can be considered the most impactful technological evolution of today. It is growing exponentially, transforming lives largely by serving an ecosystem, thereby interconnecting physical objects and systems in order to perform tasks smartly. This hyper connected society has enabled us more access to information than at any other point in human history. The concept of collecting and analyzing all that information with sensors and smart objects might just be the next step in our collective evolution. Thanks to Gractor for turning this concept into a business model with a series of business initiatives that transform factories, farms, homes, and cities into smart entities. And what's more? This South Korean IoT innovator has teamed up with HPE OEM to offer an enhanced edge appliance to deliver an end-to-end IoT platform, supporting smart cities and factories.

HPE OEM solutions is known for accelerating new opportunities and transforming innovation into enduring success. By partnering with Gractor, HPE OEM aims to deliver a powerful edge solution for low-latency data analytics, thereby yielding real-time results for end-customers. "We began to realize HPE had more to offer us than other potential OEM partners were capable of. HPE is famous for being the first OEM manufacturer, and it’s obvious it’s a role they take seriously", said Youngho Choi, Managing Director, Gractor.

Aliot Edge Platform is the IoT platform that turns agricultural lands into smart farms, and abodes into smart homes. Post partnership, HPE OEM has begun to qualify work to deliver the edge element of the Aliot Edge Platform solution on HPE GL20 IoT Gateway. This is designed especially to be deployed in a variety of industrial and manufacturing environments. With performance-optimized features and robust compute capabilities, the gateway is built to tackle high data volumes at the edge. This also provides support to IoT customers with an appliance that works in any environment.

The HPE OEM relationship does not only open new doors for Gractor but also provides local support for the Aliot Edge Platform as an export. This collaboration has helped Gractor export its solutions far beyond South Korea, grow connections and improve marketing power in the industry.

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