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HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas: Experience OEM at the big show

The countdown for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)'s biggest annual customer event, Discover 2019 Las Vegas, has begun. Are you excited to be a part of it? HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas will explore the latest in Edge-to-Cloud, AI and Security innovations, experience hands-on demos, thought-provoking sessions, networking opportunities and expert breakouts that will help you transform your digital journey. And like in the last year, the OEM presence in 2019 too will have a prime location with lots of engagement and traction. There will be 20+ customer interviews & success stories, dedicated OEM tour, consisting of specific product and technology offerings and business applications that will target OEM solution provider needs and requirements. Here are some major OEM session highlights we are looking forward to:


T8582: Powering the Intelligent Edge with Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM-

Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM chief technologist brings the latest innovations, experiences and case studies deployed by HPE and our customers to life. Find out how HPE is leading the technology effort in developing real-world solutions to accelerate OEM opportunities in this fast-growing market.


T8578: Delivering Hewlett Packard OEM Initiatives through HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity-

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity consumption-based models provides OEMs the flexibility and support to minimize costs and maximize value, by providing: Infrastructure capacity that never runs out, Scalable – add capacity in minutes, and Pay only for what you use. Join us to learn how OEMs can leverage this service to deliver solutions that provide significant differentiation in the marketplace.


T8580: Discover the Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM Advantage at the Intelligent Edge-

One of the most exciting technologies where Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s OEM is creating growth for our customers is at the Intelligent Edge. HPE OEM has been developing edge-centric solutions to help with advancing customer knowledge of Edge information that will enable faster analytics and insights that ultimately lead to OEM competitive advantages in the marketplace. Join us to hear about the new market opportunities at the Edge, and learn how HPE Intelligent Edge solutions, technologies and services are the best in the industry to enable our OEMs’ success.


T8581: Experience the Advantages of HPE OEM Solutions with Customer Use Cases-

HPE OEM leading-edge technology offers a full spectrum of Hybrid IT tools for all of your compute requirements. Come & attend this panel discussion to hear actual OEMs talk about the HPE OEM advantage; technology OEM solutions that provide real-world applications. Experience successful use cases around Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge and Greenlake / HPE Pointnext Services in areas such as Health Care, Broadcasting, Security and Surveillance, Manufacturing, and other valuable application areas.

There will be 12 OEM customer demos at the HPE OEM Solutions Hub, covering all vertical market applications, including Security and Surveillance, Manufacturing, Office Automation, Broadcasting, and Healthcare. Our on-floor demos will feature 20+ OEM applications – part of the OEM presence on the overall Showcase floor. So, drop by the OEM Solutions Booth (Booth # 1008), learn more and earn some great prizes and giveaways.

There’ll also be around 200+ customers attending the event this year to celebrate the HPE OEM leadership and success for our OEM Channel partners, taking full advantage of the dedicated tours, breakout sessions and of course the celebratory OEM reception dinner at Madame Tussauds.

So, don't delay any longer. Click here to register now! Stay tuned for more updates on HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas and additional details around HPE OEM Solutions offerings at the show. 

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