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HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas: HPE announces updates to HPE Composable Fabric

Last week at HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas, HPE announced several updates to its intelligently engineered, software-defined networking (SDN) solution, HPE Composable Fabric. The updates are designed to simplify the data center, reduce costs, and deliver more efficient use of resources.

HPE Composable Fabric is a software-driven, automated, and workload intent-based network fabric that delivers increased agility, reduced operational costs, and frictionless scale. The SDN solution radically simplifies traditional data center networking by self-configuring the network and delivering dynamic workload balancing to improve performance and reduce over-provisioning. By enabling non-disruptive scale across servers, racks, and data centers, HPE Composable Fabric removes performance bottlenecks, empowering IT to deliver applications faster and scale the infrastructure as needed.


What’s new: Extend, connect, and unify multiple clouds and data centers for a single fabric experience

The first HPE Composable Fabric update announced this past week is the ability to extend HPE Composable Fabric connectivity between geographically diverse data centers in support of HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged clusters. This new capability allows users to easily consume backup and disaster recovery connectivity in their HPE SimpliVity HCI environments. It also delivers seamless migration of workloads between HPE SimpliVity-based HCI clusters and provides a consistent and intuitive HPE Composable Fabric management toolset for multi-data center deployments, without the complexity of legacy network solutions.


Now available: End-of-row fabric for HPE Synergy logical enclosures

The second most notable update includes the capability of HPE Composable Fabric to provide high bandwidth connectivity, end-of-row, to HPE Synergy logical enclosures. These enclosures are integrated with VMWare and provide:

  • Auto-discovery of HPE Synergy ESXI compute modules
  • Visualization of the connectivity of HPE Synergy modules to HPE Composable Fabric
  • Visualization of the vmware network and configuration of each HPE Synergy compute module
  • Dynamic configuration of HPE Composable Fabric ports connecting to HPE Synergy Virtual Connect modules
  • Isolation of VSAN storage traffic between logical enclosures across the fabric

These new capabilities deliver highly integrated HPE on HPE connectivity for HPE Synergy deployments consisting of multiple logical enclosures or multiple logical enclosure groups. It also provides high bandwidth (L2 and L3 network) connectivity between multi-logical enclosure HPE Synergy solutions, with the ability to scale to hundreds of HPE Synergy enclosures if needed. Customers now have the ability to take advantage of simple and automated provisioning of an end-of-row fabric for HPE Synergy using the HPE Composable Fabric VMWare integration. All of these new features deliver deep insights into the physical and logical network connectivity of individual compute modules in a HPE Synergy deployment through a simple and intuitive single management platform.

Aimed at simplifying the data center, decreasing deployment and management tasks/time, and using resources more efficiently to deliver cost savings, the HPE Composable Fabric updates announced last week at HPE Discover will be available from beginning July 2019.

Besides this, there were many other updates and announcements made at the show, one of them being the OEM highlights. The HPE OEM Solutions Hub played a huge role this year. The event featured the HPE OEM Hub (DEMO # 1008) in a big way, showing live demos from LUCD, Superloop, Sync-n-Scale, IoT.nxt, Konica Minolta, Superloop, Nutanix, while attendees got personalized tours on the show floor & interacted with dozens of HPE OEM technology and application experts. To read more about the OEM solutions & offerings at HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas, click here.

Stay tuned for more blogs and updates on the happenings from Discover 2019 throughout the next few days. We'll be back soon!

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