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HPE Discover More 2019 Singapore and Asia Pacific OEM Council: Catch the key highlights

This past week (week of July 22nd), two key events were held in Singapore for the Asia Pacific geography: the Asia Pacific OEM Council and HPE Discover More Singapore. The flurry of activity in the Asia Pacific demonstrates HPE's strong commitment to the geography's growth and success.

Early in the week, in advance of HPE Discover More Singapore, Asia Pacific OEM leadership held an OEM Council gathering in Singapore of Asia Pacific OEMs, for a day of learning, collaboration and partnership. HPE President of Hybrid IT, Phil Davis, spent time with OEMs, focusing on the value of HPE and learning more how these innovative HPE OEMs are transforming the world on their HPE Solutions. 



Then, Asia Pacific OEM leadership, their teams, and OEM customers made the transition from one event to the other. After huge successes in Madrid earlier this month, HPE Discover More headed to Singapore for another big show. HPE Discover More 2019 Singapore was held July 23 - 24, 2019, focusing on the need for an open and seamless cloud experience. It was a great show with many visitors dropping by the OEM Solutions Hub, which was one of the biggest highlights.

Here are some key takeaways from the event:


  • Enabling an open & seamless cloud experience: Today, customers need to make decisions faster than ever, which requires quick access to their data and insights. The event witnessed HPE experts discussing why cloud experience should be open and seamless across all clouds and should be powered by a partner who offers customer choice as their first sales priority.


  • Moving toward a hybrid world: Discussions at HPE Discover More 2019 Singapore event also focused on providing customers with the right mix of hybrid IT. By implementing hybrid IT environments that are simpler to manage and improve productivity, HPE OEM services create consumption-based IT infrastructures that deliver consistent results across any cloud and any datacenter. They help customers navigate through the many options and opportunities that will define their hybrid IT solution.


  • Accelerating transformation & more incisive conversations: The event had many interesting, interactive sessions. Experts met the attendees and chatted about how HPE solution layers seamlessly with hardware for network security. The OEM hub witnessed a huge gathering this year with some innovative OEM demos, meetings, keynotes, and more. OEMs Realwear, Netka System, Hendricks Corporation, Mobimax, Superloop (CyberHound), Lunit, Gractor, Metropolitan Wireless International (MWI) and more exhibited exciting OEM demos around Healthcare,  IoT Platforms for the Smart World, Security, Connected Worker programs, Mobile Wireless and Control Systems, Intelligent Network Management Systems, Video Analytics, and Virtual Reality Entertainment.


Want to know what it was like on the ground at HPE Discover More Singapore? Check out some of the exclusive pictures inside the event:



It was an exciting week in Singapore for OEM. Next stop: a recap on HPE Discover More Tokyo, and more HPE Discover More coming soon.

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