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HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020: Watch our Superloop Cyberhound OEM demo for FREE!


Today, every business understands the seriousness and complexity of cybersecurity threats. The same goes for educational institutions and how it has become essential for this sector to protect school networks from cyber-attacks, unauthorized access & malicious content. However, most schools even today struggle with such security issues and find it hard to fix the problem. We, at HPE, understand this growing concern of the new world security challenges. Therefore, this year, at HPE Discover Virtual Experience, we've introduced a virtual on-demand demo, featuring our partner, Superloop Cyberhound- the leading innovator of sophisticated K12 learning enablement and cyber safety solutions, to discuss the same, and also talk about its partnership with HPE OEM Solutions.

Hosted by Andrew Susa- Director, OEM, South Pacific Region at HPE, the OEM demo also included the Cyberhound CEO, John Fison and other esteemed speakers like Lisa Nicholls (Training & Education Consultant at CyberHound) and Adam Ryan (Head of ICT, Ballarat Clarendon College). What's exciting is that you can still watch this OEM demo in case you missed it out on June 24th. All you need to do is register for HPE Discover Virtual Experience- it's FREE of cost & you get the access for all our OEM sessions & demos.

The virtual demo started with Mr. Fison briefing us about his company and how the partnership helped CyberHound position itself as a leader in network security, control and management for school application. Watch the demo to learn how HPE OEM enabled Superloop to maintain simplicity and consistency while delivering a solution for schools with limited IT resources. OEM addressed this need by standardizing on HPE ProLiant DL-series servers, preconfigured by HPE to the company’s exact specifications.

According to John Fison, CEO, Superloop, "HPE has a well-deserved reputation for excellent service, and we know that from first-hand experience. The HPE OEM partner provides us with the best-in-the-world server platform. Being able to order standard server configurations globally through the HPE OEM program gives us a massive advantage". The OEM demo showcased how Superloop leveraged their HPE OEM partnership to launch the latest cybersecurity innovation to protect school networks. Login to HPE Discover Virtual Experience and catch this exciting on-demand demo now.

Interested in other demos and sessions? We invite you to explore the full line-up that will be offered beginning today onwards on our full content catalog.  Be sure to check back often, as we add new sessions and demos daily. 

As mentioned above, registration for HPE Discover 2020 is FREE!

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