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HPE Discover Virtual Experience: Register for FREE & help us donate to charity!

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As our world is changing with new challenges and shifting priorities, HPE is putting its best foot forward to help and protect the safety of its customers & partners. As we all continue to adapt to the realities of our new world, HPE will soon host its first-ever virtual Discover event, kicking off June 23rd and will be completely free for anyone who wants to attend. HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 will be a unique, engaging experience that will empower participants with knowledge and insights in a live and virtual format, to look ahead and position their organizations to be best equipped for future business disruptions. 

In these unprecedented times, HPE is here to help & advance the way people live and work. As we stand by our true commitment, we will make a $10 donation on behalf of each customer and partner who register for Discover Virtual Experience. Each attendant will get to select one of the 10 charities listed here to receive a $10 donation from HPE or choose to distribute the donation across all the causes. So, when you register for HPE Discover Virtual Experience, you donate $10 to the charity & help the community make a difference to the world- all this FREE of any charge.

We are excited for HPE OEM to be a part of this immersive, innovative and valuable digital experience to help our OEM customers navigate their business model through this changing world. You can catch up on some OEM sessions, including exciting demos from customers illustrating real world implementations, like Synamedia, Lunit and Superloop CyberHound that will go LIVE on June 23rd. There are more interesting sessions available for you to attend. Click here to learn more about these sessions.

HPE Discover Virtual Experience will bring you an opportunity to connect with our executives and experts, further helping you engage and learn about the latest technology trends and innovations in the industry. Through our LIVE Q&As with HPE technologists and networking experts, you get the chance to discuss the challenges and solutions for your organization.

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Come & join us at HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 and get the chance to explore the innovations and opportunities that HPE will offer. Click here to register for free & and make that charitable donation! 

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